The Shoppes at
Bedford Falls
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Click here to learn more about what the Shoppes at Bedford Falls will look like (PDF file).


What about the developer?

Morgan Property Group will work with local residents, planning staff, and city and county leaders on the design and look of this exciting new development consisting of a Publix anchored neighborhood center.

The current zoning on the property would allow for a 24/7 convenience store, fast food, bar or nightclub within a hotel or motel, but Morgan Property Group has NO interest in building those on this site.

Why Publix?

Publix is a premier grocery brand noted for its customer service and up-scale offerings. Ask anyone who has lived in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee…

They are recognized as one of FORTUNE’s “100 best companies to work for.” Publix is also noted for the high quality design of its stores.

Why this site?

With community input, the city’s Comprehensive Plan has long envisioned this site for a neighborhood grocer.  This grocery-anchored retail center will be designed for convenience of the immediate community. Routine family shopping and errands will be done at this one location and reduce the need to travel.

Much of the retail planned for Bedford was never built. This location is the last available nearby property to provide retail serving the area.

What about the environmental impact?

Morgan Property Group’s proposal seeks significantly less than the amount of retail space allowed in the Comprehensive Plan — thus allowing more open space, bioretention, rainwater collection and reuse, landscaping, and neighborhood buffering on the site.

We are committed to eco-friendly storm water solutions on the site. And we will provide sidewalks and pedestrian connectivity so that nearby residents can walk to the grocery.

What if I have questions?

A rezoning request for the property will be thoroughly vetted in public hearings with public input, and we at Morgan Property Group would love to hear from YOU on your ideas!

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